Sigi Urmann - Trainer

Ruhpoldinger Ballschule
Tennis Center Ruhpolding

Play and be active!

The Ruhpoldinger Ballschule tries to help kids who have too little aktivities in their lives. “Beeing lazy” can be harmful to your body and can result in physical and social problems.

Wrong food and spending too many hours in front of the TV or Computer can sooner or later harm your body.

The InterTennisSchule recognized this problem and since November 2006 we are offering a spezial training to help those kids. All lessons will take place at the Ballschule in the Tennis Center Ruhpolding.

The idea behind these lessons is to motivate and guide those kids slowly to become more active. At the beginning we learn the kids  how to move their body and improve their motor ability and sense of balance. We play different types of games and use different types of balls to learn which sport the kids like most - it does not have to be tennis.


Registration and information:
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